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StartupGardening Kits - Here's everything a first-time gardener needs to get started growing.

StartupGarden Kit - Begininer


Our StartupGarden Kits have been designed to make growing your own fruit & vegetables easier and fuss free for new gardeners. Our beginners growing kits include everything you need to grow chillies / tomatoes / herbs and more right from seed through to harvest, including seeds, grow bag & a handy step by step guide. 

Our StartupGarden Kits contains :- Outer Paper Bag, Grow Bag, Potting Mix containing ( Cocopeat + Vermi compost + Organic Fertilizer + Neem Flakes ) Seeds, Sapling, Instructions, Discount Coupons for Gardening Workshop.


With shrinking sizes of residential spaces these days, the right kind of garden accessories and planters can help you beautify these beautiful pieces of nature. Planters do not just act as a decorative item, but they also are soothing to the eye. They give a feel of freshness when you're back home after work. Spend some time browsing through our collection and buy planters online.

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